How to setup my Gsuite/Gmail smtp ?

If you're using Gsuite/Gmail, follow this 5 steps tutorial to set up your SMTP.
Mailwarm generates interactions between your email account and its own accounts. In order to make it work, you need to set-up your SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol).

If you're not using Gmail or Gsuite please check this tutorial.

Step 1 : Set an App Password

Go to your Google Account and open the Security tab.
Make sure the 2-step verification is turned on, if not, please enable it.
Then click on App passwords.


Step 2 : Set the password

An app password is a security layer that Google generates so you can use apps like Mailwarm without your main password. Choose Other in the Select app dropdown.


Step 3 : Generate the App password

Give it the name you want (it's not a technical parameter) and Generate the password.


Step 4 : Copy the password

Copy this password, you'll need it to configure your SMTP on Mailwarm. Once you click done, it will disappear and you won't have access to it anymore.


Step 5 : SMTP settings on Mailwarm

Go on Mailwarm, and add a new email account.
Then fill in the SMTP form as following :

Email address : your email address
Reply-to email : your email address
SMTP Host:
SMTP Port : 25
SMTP Protocol : TLS
SMTP Username : your email address
SMTP Password : the App Password you've just generated

Hit the Test & Save button, you'll receive a confirmation email if this worked properly.
If it doesn't, please make sure all your infos are correct, then try again with
465 port and SSL
587 and TLS.

If it still doesn't work, please contact us.


Issue : You tried to login with your usual password and Google blocked the app

Well, no problem you still can connect.

What happened: you tried to login to an app that hasn't the Google Connect (coming soon !), so Google did protect your account and blocked Mailwarm to access your account.

You might get an error message such as :


If you try the secured process described above with the App Password, it probably won't work, as Mailwarm got banned from your Google account.
The solution is to go to your Google Admin page (or ask your admin to do so) > Security > Less secure apps and "Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps".

Then go to your Google account security tab and enable less secure apps. Now you can sign up with your old password.
Please note, that Google connect is the next feature to come.