How to setup my smtp ?

To set up your SMTP on Mailwarm, please follow this tutorial.

‍If you're using Gmail or Gsuite please follow this tutorial.

If you're using Office 365 please follow this tutorial.

SMTP Settings

When you add a new email account, you need to type in your SMTP parameters.
You can usually find them on your email providers docs.

Email address : your email address
Reply-to email : your email address (leave it blank ONLY if your account can't receive emails)
SMTP Host:
SMTP Port : 25 (if this don't work try 587 or 465)
SMTP Protocol : TLS (if this doesn't work try with SSL)
SMTP Username : your smtp username (available on your email service provider doc).
SMTP Password : your smtp password (available on your email service provider doc).

Hit the Test & Save button and you'll receive a confirmation email.
If not, try again with other ports and protocol.
If you couldn't succeed, please contact us.