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Mailwarm raises your email account reputation by interacting with it as tons of interested leads would do, on a daily basis, in the best way.

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Everything was sooo perfect 😍 ...until you hit send.

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The ideal email activity

Aside from email content, the way you use your email account matters a lot in reaching inbox.

Start progressive

Whether you've just created your email address or hadn't used it for more than 30 days, you should gently increase your sending activity on the first days.


Reach a high positive activity

When an address is wrong, when your email gets flagged as spam, or rarely gets replies : this affects your reputation score. Get positive actions from your leads !


Maintain a linear sending

You probably send your cold outreach campaign, then pause it  a few days to analyse results and iterate. You should aim a consistant daily use.

Make your account act like a human

Generate real interactions.

Your email account automatically sends dozens of emails to +1000 Mailwarm's accounts, and get replies. Mailwarm daily interactions are custom for your account.

Raise your account reputation.

Your emails sent to Mailwarm will be get out of the spam folder (if so), opened, marked as important, and get a reply in a human way.


Keep it strong on the long run.

Athletes do a warm-up everyday. We take care of your account 24/7 and keep your email reputation score at a high level.

No more stress to press : send

Control your warm-up.

The days you send email campaigns, it's recommended to restrain Mailwarm activity. Do it in one click.


Monitor your activity.

Track Mailwarm actions on a dashboard. Get insights on your daily activity, planyour daily warm up frequency and the reply rate you want. Adjust Mailwarm intensity or just press pause, when needed.


1 interaction = 5 postive actions
1 email is sent to Mailwarm

An email is sent from your SMTP to one (out of thousands) Mailwarm email address. This improves your global bounce rate!

Marked as non-spam

Your email gets marked as non-spam. If it comes directly into the spam folder, it will be put in the inbox, which is a positive signal!


Your email gets opened and read. This increases your opening rate which raises your positive activity!

Marked as important

Your email gets an important tag, starred and marked as primary. This results in a positive point for your account.


You'll get replies according to the reply rate you've set on the platform. This increases your IP reputation !

Get access to:

Set your accounts, interactions frequency, warm-up schedule, reply rate and track Mailwarm activity on your dashboard.

More interactions

Get more interactions than your subscription plan offers :

Custom plan

You have larger needs regarding users access, accounts to warm, or interactions volumes : we'll set-up a dedicated plan for you : Contact Us !

Rekblog Offer

20% discount on your first month
for Rekblog readers only
20% off
on your first month

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